As the daughter of a Dutchman, I was raised on a strict diet of stroopwafels, licorice and speculaas. Not to mention the expertly crafted kroketten and appeltaarts that my kiwi mother whipped up with ease!


While Andrew & I were living in Edinburgh, Scotland, we were able to pop across to the Netherlands, visit family and experience Dutch market fare made FRESH. (Quite the novelty after growing up in New Zealand where stroopwafels only came in packets that never seemed to expire!) 


And so along came Montfoort. With a simple yet exciting mission:

to showcase the best of Dutch street food using honest, fresh ingredients and traditional methods, while keeping it inventive and fun.


Every weekend you'll find us at your local Wellington markets with something different, but always delicious on offer.


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we're big believers in simplicity, generosity and treating yourself.


Dutch streetfood is traditionally very simple, but who are we kidding? Everybody loves a little something extra! So we always have freshly made lemon curd, salted caramel sauce, Summer berries or a dreamy custard cream to top your sweet treat. 

All Montfoort products are made using only PROPER ingredients, free range eggs from happy chickens, and a whole lotta love. That's what makes it oh so LEKKER!


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Eloise & Andrew